Integrity Dividend Workshops are available in formats ranging from a half day to three days.

Longer formats allow for more deep-level personal insight and transformation, but even a short talk can plant a seed that, properly reinforced, can shift the company.

“In an hour I can plant a seed. In a day I can make sure everyone in the room has tailored action items. In three days I can touch their souls with this stuff.”

Workshops focus on individual challenges or on collective challenges. They target emotional barriers to integrity, personal practices, communication habits, and other themes described in The Integrity Dividend book.


Client Response

The senior leadership team at Thayer Lodging Group each read The Integrity Dividend, after which we participated in a one day seminar led by Tony Simons and Charles Feltman. The book has a powerful message, is well-written, and clearly made the case for keeping your word and closely managing the commitments you make. The workshop reinforced the message and created a framework for the team to support each other in managing commitments and improving the processes by which we work together.


What we did not expect was the reaction after the workshop. Several weeks later, we called the participants together and asked them for their evaluation. What we heard truly surprised us. People broadly reported much higher levels of job satisfaction, less personal stress, greater sense of freedom and a much greater sense of accomplishment. Participants noted a significant decline in the level of frustration, and a higher level of personal optimism, despite the difficult business conditions present at the time.


The smiles around the room were enthusiastic and sincere as people shared how they felt about themselves and their experiences of dealing with each other after the workshop. Truly a transformation had occurred, and is continuing to occur as we work together more and more effectively.


–Lee Pillsbury, Co-Chairman & CEO, Thayer Lodging Group
–Bruce Wiles, COO, Thayer Lodging Group

Tony is an excellent presenter who inspires and challenges participants. His presentation of behavioral integrity concepts as part of a management team leadership retreat was exactly the right mix of big ideas and practical recommendations. Tony ‘s session was an effective touchstone for other sessions on organizational alignment and provided a powerful and clear set of principles that the team embraced. The participants put his concepts into practice immediately upon return to work, and continue to make them the centerpiece of their improvement process.


–Sally Klingel, Director, Labor-Management Programs, School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University