Most bosses are hesitant to be evaluated by their subordinates, and the prospect of actually measuring employees’ trust in them is viewed skeptically.  Tony Simons’ approach to these topics clearly conveyed our corporate concern to the employees and assured our managers that the feedback received was both fair and instructive.  I would recommend the behavioral integrity framework to any company that is looking to improve through an honest evaluation of their corporate culture.  The link between organizational trust and operational results is undeniable, and Tony Simons can truly help improve both.

Pete Kline, former CEO, Bristol Hotels

Nothing promotes accountability like good measurement.

If, as the research suggests, small changes in integrity perceptions lead to big dollar returns, it makes business sense to use the most accurate measures of integrity available. Asking about it — and providing feedback on it -promotes supervisors’ and executives’ managing their credibility with subordinates, allows tracking of your own leadership-profit chain, creates accountability for change efforts — and, importantly, sends a message that the people at the top are willing to engage this issue and to create accountability for it. It says something about who you are as a company.

Integrity Dividend question sets are available as part of a standard or customized 360 survey or employee survey, or may be licensed for inclusion into existing surveys. Tony Simons also brings expertise in research design and analysis.

Surveys focused on behavioral integrity provide an excellent complement to workshops and coaching.