Opening the Integrity Conversation

I am excited to launch this website and to dedicate it to raising the integrity level on the planet. To learning more about how integrity works and why it is so darn difficult. To figuring out more great tips for managing so as to capture the integrity dividend. And to getting more and more people to talk and think about it.

Because integrity is really difficult. And really consequential. It is a challenge that is worthy of us all. And we have not collectively spent enough time figuring it out. Not even close.

My hope is to create a community that brings together managers and scholars, so that we can pool our collective wisdom, and offer support and challenge to each other around integrity. In concrete terms, I hope that this community will assist managers in leading and/or selling with greater integrity, and will assist scholars in exploring this wondrous and relatively unexamined aspect of doing business.

I hope that the articles I post here will stimulate conversations. I hope that the forum will present a way for any interested reader to post questions, stories, or observations and so advance the conversation further. And for everyone to feel at liberty to help me build a powerful resource.

I imagine managers supporting managers, scholars supporting scholars, and each professional group supporting the other by offering insight and experiences and by making sure that our ideas are both practical and logically consistent.

I intend for this website to make a difference.

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