“Finally! A book that connects Behavioral Integrity and Results. Tony Simons book should be mandatory reading for anyone who seeks to lead others!”

Lloyd Hill, Former Chairman and CEO, Applebee’s International Inc.

“The Integrity Dividend is an exceptional work on a fundamental and oft-misunderstood subject in today’s global business environment.”

Marshall Goldsmith, NYT and WSJ #1 best selling author of
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“THE most important management lesson you’ll ever study. The Integrity Dividend makes clear beyond any doubt that the power of your word is the ultimate source of your success in the world.”

Leland C. Pillsbury, CoChairman and CEO, Thayer Lodging Group, Inc.

“A culture of promise-keeping is a competitive advantage for any great company. If you want to lead such a company, read this book and take its message to heart.”

Carl Camden, President & CEO, Kelly Services

“Dr. Simons’ ground-breaking work demonstrates the cost of not keeping our word to staff and better yet, proves the economic benefits of integrity. Every executive I have introduced to his work has been impressed. You will be too.”

Robert J. Wright, CEO, The Wright Business Institute

“Tony Simons richly illustrates a powerful benchmark of leadership credibility. The Integrity Dividend vividly shows how an impeccable commitment to your word can affect business relationships, cultures, and performance. Then it shows how to get there.”

Stanley T. Myers, President and CEO of SEMI®, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Intl

“Leadership integrity…..often talked about, never objectively valued. Now Tony Simons is demonstrating its bottom-line impact. Every aspiring leader should own a copy… and some existing ones too.”

Michael Z. Kay, Retired—President & CEO, LSG/Sky Chefs

“Loaded with real world practical examples, The Integrity Dividend, reminds us all of the value of trust and how to achieve it in an organizational setting.”

Judith G. Kalfon, CHA, General Manager, Radisson Plaza Hotel
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“It’s about time that integrity in business has moved into the category of critical success factors. This book is an important contribution to this expanding conversation.”

Steve Zaffron, CEO, The Vanto Group

“As leaders of people, 98% of how we produce results is by managing our conversations with others as well as with ourselves. Tony powerfully demonstrates the huge payoff when we align our actions with our words, and also the significant cost when we don’t.”

Ted Teng, former President & CEO, Wyndham International, Inc.

“Tony hits the nail on the head with this book. If our 95 sales managers all read his book and then followed the practices he lays out I know we would see an immediate reduction in turnover and an improvement in productivity. A must read for anyone responsible for developing leaders in their organization!!”

Tom Chelew, Vice President, Fleet Management, Enterprise Rent-a-Car

“Tony Simons has taken enormously valuable academic research on trust and translated it into language accessible to all of us. I particularly commend this book to executives, managers and others who seek to lead with integrity in corporate and public life. I will certainly be recommending to clients of mine.”

Charles Feltman, Executive Coach, Insight Coaching

“In the Integrity Dividend Simons captures the inherent value of a much needed leadership practice: insuring that your actions match your words.”

Amy Lyman, Chair, Board of Directors, Great Place to Work® Institute, Inc.

“THE INTEGRITY DIVIDEND should be read by all leaders, and those whose goal is to become a leader. The examples were so clear and powerful, I felt I was having a personal discussion with top industry leaders.”

Jack Gillis, President, Insurance Negotiating Service

“Tony’s book is a fantastic reminder that a leader’s credibility is about matching words to actions. Living and leading by your words is so very difficult, but is critical for great leadership. This book has excellent real life examples that will re-enforce the value of the Integrity Dividend.”

Doug Brooks,Chairman,CEO and President Brinker International

“Tony’s book is a delight, packed with practical advice and crystal clear, proven insight, it should be read by all leaders and future leaders wishing to learn the value of the integrity dividend. You will be surprised to learn how powerful it is ‘to be seen as living by your word’, and how much the integrity dividend means to you and your bottom line.”

Allen S Ibara, CEO, Phiam Corporation, AS Ibara

“Given the volatile environment of business ethics today, and the daily reminders in the headlines, this invaluable resource should be in the back pocket of every executive that dreams of long-term business results.”

Kerry Miller, Kerry Miller Executive Search

“In light of ‘The Enron Horror’, Prof.Simons’ powerful research in ‘The Integrity Dividend’ is a must-read for any executive who wants to enhance her/his success in dealing with people.”

Gary Patton, Executive Coach and Adjunct Professor of Human Resource Management, York University, Toronto

“Living by your word makes good sense. Doing it in today’s business climate is another thing. Are you ready to take this journey? The Integrity Dividend is the only guide you will need.”

Dick Axelrod, Author, Terms of Engagement: Changing The Way We Change Organizations

“Anyone interested in becoming a more effective leader will significantly benefit from and ENJOY reading this book. I had a very hard time putting it down without finishing and I have read it several times thus far. High praise for any business book, especially one focused on integrity…”

Ed Evans, EVP/Chief Human Resources Officer, Allied Waste Industries

“Tony Simons has revealed a fundamental but often ignored truth – that word-action consistency is at the heart of trustworthy relationships. Integrity drives engagement, commitment, satisfaction, productivity and profitability.”

John Lazar, Executive Coach and Co-Executive Editor,
International Journal of Coaching in Organizations

“‘Promise less and deliver more’ is a refrain that all of us can and should take to heart in these challenging times. Simons delivers and delights in this book that is simple to read and understand, full of useful examples and practical insights.”

Barry Z. Posner, Ph.D., Dean and Professor of Leadership, Santa Clara University. Co-author: The Leadership Challenge, and A Leader’s Legacy

“The Integrity Dividend is a great book with an incredibly important message and helpful guidelines. I can see myself referring to it again and again in helping leaders bring more integrity to their role. This is an outstanding work!”

Jeff Balin, Leadership Coach & Facilitator

“This book is full of valuable wisdom and practical insight.”

Philip Truelove, General Manager, Greenwich Hotel, NYC

“Integrity is in short supply in today’s professional world! Tony Simons offers a practical and insightful work for leaders in all walks of life!”

Roy J. Lewicki, author of Mastering Business Negotiation (with Alex Hiam), John Wiley 2007. Irving Abramowitz Memorial Professor, Max M. Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University

“I wish my mother was still allive to read ‘The Integrity Dividend’ because Tony Simons demonstrates that everything I learned at my mother’s knee is good business.”

K. Thomas Chandy, Visiting Professor of Strategy, School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University

“A read of critical import you can’t escape from when it hits the shelves later this year.”

D. Murali, Deputy Editor, The Hindu Business Line, Sept 1st 2008



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