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January 2009

The Integrity Dividend:
Leading by the Power of Your Word

By Tony Simons

(Jossey-Bass, 256 pp., $27.95)

While many books have been written on effective leadership and integrity in the workplace, few have been able to measure the impact that such management has yielded on the bottom line–until now.

A recent study of the consequences and dollar significance of behavioral integrity in the hotel industry reports that employees’ sense of their supervisor’s strong behavioral integrity might be a more important performance driver than employee satisfaction, sense of trust, commitment, or feelings of fairness.

Author Tony Simons explains how behavioral integrity–or the ability to keep one’s promises and show the values one possesses, while being perceived by others as doing so–“is a cornerstone on which trust and leadership must be built.”

Simon[sic] describes how leaders can manage their behavioral integrity by promising less and talking fewer values. Leaders should also openly acknowledge their limits and uncertainty, embrace conflict, and communicate their promises clearly. Finally, leaders can empower others toward performance excellence by publicly defining behavioral integrity, linking behavioral values metrics to financial metrics, and encouraging accountability.

Each chapter concludes with a summary of main concepts, as well as ideas to consider and apply. The book also contains a self-assessment and a survey for others to complete regarding the reader’s promise-keeping abilities.

Ann Pace

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